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10 DIY Crayon Projects You Can Create at Home

1) Crayon Painting

One of our very own colleagues from Easterseals Hawaii created a beautiful melted crayon painting with one of her participants in Ewa Beach (before COVID-19). Just like they did, you can transform a blank canvas into a colorful art piece for your home!

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2) Crayon Candles

Did you know your old crayons can transform into a beautiful, rainbow candle? Set up an art station near your microwave and enjoy this project with your family.

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3) Lego Crayons

With just two items, you can make your very own Legos at home! All you need are some crayons (old or new) and a Lego mold.

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4) Crayon Playdough

What do you get when you combine science, math, and art? Playdough! Make your very own sculptor’s wax at home with just a few ingredients.

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5) Colorful Lantern

Add some ambience to your home with home-made paper lanterns. Melt your favorite colored crayons and create your own design on waxed paper (plus, you can enjoy a soothing experience watching the crayons melt).

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6) Crayon Frame

Not sure what to gift a loved one? With Mother’s Day and Father’s Day coming up, choose a sentimental photo to frame with your favorite colored crayons!

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7) Crayon Monogram

This is a spin on the crayon painting from our first art project. Melt some crayons over the first letter of your name for a colorful monogrammed art piece to hang in your room!

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8) Melted Crayon Art

Grab a warming tray (or a cookie sheet) to create a unique, stained glass effect. Hang these art pieces on a window and let the light shine through!

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9) Sandpaper Printed T-shirt

Take a plain white T-shirt and transform it into a colorful art piece. With crayons and sandpaper, you can customize your own design.

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10) Melted Crayon Butterflies

Bring the outdoors into your home with this butterfly project. The best part of this crayon activity is that you can create an entire family of butterflies to hang on your wall!

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