Caregiver Resources

What resources are provided?

We believe that caregivers should all have access to resources and information that can help them in their journey – whether it’s to support any treatment goals they have with us, or to strengthen their confidence in daily caregiving.

Below are several of our Caregiver Workshops we host for client families throughout the year, featuring a variety of topics and led by experts in the field of behavioral health. Take a look at our videos below for some great tips all from the comfort of your home or in a way that fits your schedule.

If you’re an existing client and wish to attend a workshop, let your care team know you’d like to receive information on upcoming topics and sessions.

Potty Training

Learn about the art of toilet training – that universal experience that many caregivers find challenging at some point. Our experts provide tips based on evidence-based research to help make the transition out of diapers more manageable for everyone involved.

Motivation Matters

This video hones in on what drives youngsters to be more receptive to requests, and how to identify those mysterious motivators. Using data and research, our experts offer a digestible and practical way to make finding a child’s motivation easier and more fun.

Addressing Sleep Concerns

Individuals with autism and intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) can have challenges with successful sleep habits. This video gives an in-depth look at how certain techniques can make bedtime a smoother time for everyone in the family.

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