Who We Are

For more than 90 years, Easterseals Northern California (formerly Easterseals Bay Area) has provided services to people with disabilities and their families to help them live, learn, work and play to their full potential. As Northern California’s premier home and community-based services organization, we’re committed to making care delivery easier for those with autism, other developmental disabilities and their families. Our experienced clinical team performs comprehensive assessments and services that are tailored to meet clients’ and their families’ needs.

Our Purpose

To change the way the world defines and views disability by making profound, positive differences in people’s lives every day.

Our Mission

Easterseals Northern California is leading the way to ensure that individuals and families affected by disabilities and special needs can live, learn, work and play to their full potential.

Trailblazing Better Ways to Deliver Services for Over 90 Years

Our goal is to expand access and affordability of direct services for children and individuals with disabilities and their families. By consistently providing high-quality services throughout Northern California, we can ensure:

  • Children and individuals with disabilities will receive the customized, educational and behavioral health services needed to gain the skills necessary for active participation in their communities.
  • All families of children and individuals with disabilities will receive the support they need to have peace of mind, respite and guidance.
  • All children and individuals with autism or other developmental disabilities will have access to the highest-quality, customized services, enabling them to maximize their independence.

History of Easterseals

In 1907, Ohio businessman Edgar Allen lost his son in a streetcar accident and began fundraising to build a new hospital. Through this new hospital, Allen was surprised to learn that children with disabilities were often hidden from public view. In 1919, Allen founded what became known as the National Society for Crippled Children, the first organization of its kind. In the spring of 1934, the organization launched its first Easter “seals” campaign to raise money for its services. The overwhelming public support for the Easter “seals” campaign triggered a nationwide expansion of the organization and a swell of grassroots efforts on behalf of people with disabilities. By 1967, the Easter “seal” was so well recognized, the organization changed its name to reflect the iconic seal.

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